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Making the Law Work for You!

Serving the Detroit Metropolitan area and all of Michigan, Hudson Law provides an array of legal services to both individuals and businesses, in civil and criminal matters.  Because we understand how emotionally taxing, time consuming, and financially draining legal matters can be, our goal is to reach a resolution with the least amount of burden on our clients. We're dedicated to ensuring our clients' legal rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law, that their legal needs are met and their expectations of our services are exceeded.

Our office is capable of handling an array of legal matters from contract drafting and negotiations, to civil, criminal and family law.  We strive to achieve the most advantageous outcome for our clients which may best be reached through mediation instead of litigation.  Thus, we are well versed in alternative dispute resolutions that can  often enable achievement of our clients' legal goals in a more time and cost efficient manner.



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